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halfempty3785's Journal

7 March 1985
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Love is as strong as death. Why be capable of feelings if we're not to have them? Why long for things if they're not meant to be ours?
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anarchy, animals, arguing, asians, asking, atlanta braves, autumn, band, band football games, band tournaments, band tours, band trips, bandit, bands, bands geeks, bass guitars, batman, being a loser, being alone, being dizzy, being me, black, black pens, blue pens, bowling, busses, cadillacs, caffiene, candy, cds, cellphones, chargers, chattin, cheese, cheese bread, chocolate, chrysler, coffee, cologne, condoms, conversations, cookies, couples, crazy bread, curve, daquiris, deep conversations, disneyland, dodge, drawing, edzard scissorhands, everything, florida, food, fredricks, fruit snacks, givin advice, god, going out, good friends, goths, gray, hangin with my friends, harry potter, hearts, hugging, internet, jack russell terriers, jack skellington, japanese food, japanese symbols, jennie, kareoke, laughing, laziness, letters, listening, live and let live, ljs, love, loving sumone, megadeth, metallica, money, music, music videos, musical instruments, my room, new found glory, new people, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, noise, notes, office space, orange gatorade, pantera, paper clips, parties, penguins, people, pizza, plymouths, poetry, polar bears, rain, reading music, receiving advice, rock, rock and or roll, rocks, sanik, saturday, scary movies, school dances, secrets, seemingly impossible love, shopping, singing, sitting by the ocean, six flags, sleeping, socks, spaghetti, stars., strawberries, sublime, swimming, tacos, taking pictures, talking, the simpsons, thinking, tim burton, tracy tran asian goober, trash, videos, volleyball, walking, watching tv, when it snows, wishing, writing, xanga, yaxs, yellow, zebras.